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Interactive Technical Training: Beyond PowerPoint in the Modern Classroom

Welcome to the era of Interactive Technical Training, where the days of monotonous PowerPoint lectures are a thing of the past. Discover a dynamic way to educate with our innovative platform. Technical training without PowerPoint (PPT) is here.

Death by PowerPoint. We have all seen it, we have all lived it, and we all dread it!

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What if I told you there is a more effective and innovative way to deliver technical training? A one-stop platform to maximize student engagement and self-mastery using highly interactive, simple-to-use graphical interfaces.

A platform that ‘flips’ the classroom to place more responsibility for learning on the student; allowing instructors to better use their time covering the most complex concepts and verifying student mastery.

Such a tool now exists. I want to introduce you to PLANT©. I believe PLANT© will soon revolutionize training delivery throughout the nuclear industry and any other industry that delivers technical content.

Before I go on, if you would rather see it in action vice reading this article  you can go to the PLANT© prerecorded webinar replay.

At its core, PLANT© is an interactive interface that consolidates information from plant system piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&ID), building layouts, electrical schematics, logic diagram, procedures, technical specifications, and student study guides.

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The information provides the student a one-stop ‘point and click’ platform to retrieve information, allowing them to explore all related information just as easily as surfing a web page.

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Imagine immediate access to exciting digital content such as videos, 360° photographs, 3D models, E-Learning modules and more just by pointing and clicking.

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The genius of PLANT© is that all of the learning objective content is stored in a ‘digital warehouse’ that is available via the web 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Another key benefit is that each bit of content is stored in only one location, no matter how many uses the information has. For instance, if you use the content in initial training, again in a continuing training, and also in another training program, each module would retrieve the content from the digital warehouse for its own unique use.

It doesn’t matter if the content is used dozens of times; the actual content only exists in one location. This means no more searching for content in multiple locations to make changes when a design change is made or you want to make an enhancement.

Those are real dollars being saved! Imagine how much time that would save.

Training organizations are constantly challenged on how to do more with less while expediting training and increasing training effectiveness. PLANT© definitely achieves all of these goals.

In addition, PLANT© offers tremendous cost savings. Imagine how much money can be saved from reduced lesson material maintenance, reduced instructor preparation and face time, and less time for students to complete and master the training. Click here and check out our customizable cost calculator to see how much it can save your training program.

As a longtime Senior Nuclear Operations Instructor, I assure you that PLANT© is the best thing to hit the industry since computers, and since PowerPoint and overhead projectors replaced transparencies.

Click here to check out PLANT© and watch the webinar replay and live interactive P&ID demonstrations.

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Mike Cadden

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