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  • Expertise: Improving Operational Performance
  • Experience: 19 Years
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Our Proven Expertise

Founded in 2004 as a training consulting firm, Accelerant Solutions has seen remarkable growth in our product offerings and client base. Today, we proudly collaborate with all of 27 of 28 American utilities operating nuclear power plants. Our executive team comprises industry-recognized experts with extensive practical experience and prestigious certifications, including PWR and BWR SRO licenses, and engineering licenses. Several of our experts have held senior leadership roles within utilities and regulatory bodies such as NRC, INPO, and NERC.

// Leadership rooted in Industry Experience

Our Executive Team

Backed by a seasoned executive team, we place industry expertise and leadership at the core of our organization.

Billy Mack


Mike Cadden

Regional VP

Doug Henderson

Project Director

Tyler Ball


Sezin Uzman

Regional VP

Chris Hynes

Project Director

Cheryl Kozera


Dan Geraghty

regional vp

Teela Tarver

Business Development Manager

Fostering a Culture of Collaboration, Innovation, and Continuous learning

At Accelerant Solutions, we hold a strong belief in the pivotal role our people play in our success. We foster a culture of collaboration, respect, and ongoing learning, ensuring our team remains at the pinnacle of their capabilities. Each member of our team is not just dedicated to their work but also committed to empowering our clients in reaching their objectives.

Transparency, honesty, and mutual respect are values we uphold, promoting an open-door policy that fosters candid communication and trust. Our dedication to excellence extends beyond our clients; we are equally devoted to establishing a supportive and positive work environment for our team.

Our commitment to continuous growth and development translates into abundant opportunities for our team members to expand their knowledge and expertise. This people-centric approach has enabled us to consistently attract and retain top talent, and we are unwavering in our investment in our team’s success. Reach out to us today to explore how our dedicated team can drive sustained excellence within your organization.

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