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Since 2004

Founded in 2004, Accelerant Solutions has grown to become a trusted partner for numerous utilities, including 27 out of the 28 American nuclear power plant operators. Our international recognition from the US Department of Energy in 2015 underscores our commitment to innovation and exceptional performance. Explore our diverse consulting services and performance improvement tools to maximize your company’s potential.

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Accelerant Solutions HQ

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Accelerant Solutions’ headquarters are located at:
 1715 Indian Wood Circle, Suite 200, PMB# 618060, Maumee, OH 43537.
While we operate remotely to serve our clients globally, we are also available to travel to your location as needed.

// Our Commitment to Excellence

Partnering for Innovation, Efficiency & Compliance

At Accelerant Solutions, we collaborate closely with our clients to consistently attain excellence in Leadership, Operations, Equipment Reliability, and Training. Our dedication to innovation, cost-efficiency, and adherence to regulations is resolute, and we take pride in consistently delivering outstanding service and results.

Turn-key implementation of Operations, Maintenance, Engineering, and Technical Training Programs.

Full Spectrum of our services

Driving Progress Through Collaborative Partnerships

Accelerant Solutions collaborates with industry leaders to develop meaningful solutions in innovation, compliance, and training.

Accelerant Solutions has partnered with FOCUS to elevate VISION software, ensuring a seamless user experience. Together, we integrate PLANT™ authoring capabilities, connecting PLANT™ to the SAT foundation of accredited training programs. This collaboration enables efficient deployment, immersive VR experiences through the VISION™ Learning Station, and comprehensive hands-on training, innovating the learning process for our clients.

Accelerant Solutions proudly manages the Nuclear Human Resources Group (NHRG), an international forum for HR experts in the nuclear industry. NHRG brings together utility companies in the United States and Canada, fostering knowledge exchange in areas like HR management, organizational effectiveness, and talent development. Founded by the nuclear industry, NHRG is expertly guided by Accelerant Solutions, and we're always open to inquiries about our nuclear HR community.

The partnership between Accelerant Solutions and Tecnatom is built on the shared goal of leveraging technology for innovation and enhancing the human experience. Tecnatom and Accelerant Solutions have collaborated to introduce cutting-edge training solutions to North America. This dynamic partnership combines Tecnatom's expertise with Accelerant Solutions' comprehensive suite of training services, resulting in efficient project management, regulatory compliance, and the optimization of training programs.

Our partnership with Westinghouse has given rise to the Nuclear Excellence Academy (NEXA), a program designed to enhance safety and performance throughout the USA and Canada. NEXA integrates industry expertise with cutting-edge digital solutions, optimizing learning processes, improving worker competencies, and offering standardized training for nuclear professionals. This collaborative effort is reshaping the landscape of nuclear training and safety in the region.

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