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Turn-key implementation of operations, maintenance, engineering, and technical training programs.

Accelerant Solutions provides a unique blend of experts and technology to easily deliver complete training lifecycle support from analysis to full implementation and evaluation.

Initial Accreditation and Renewal

From Accelerant Solutions’ conception, training program accreditation renewal has been our core business. Our accreditation experts obtained their skills while serving as Accreditation Team Managers and Site Training Managers. They understand how to create high-quality accreditation self-evaluation reports, prepare site personnel for site visits, and work with the management team to ensure successful Accrediting Board meetings. We also help utilities analyze and implement effective, cost-efficient actions to resolve training findings and areas for improvement.

Root/Apparent Cause Team Leadership and Training

We maintain a team of qualified root cause analysts who are proficient using multiple causal evaluation techniques. We ensure our analysts are current with the latest analysis techniques by employing only the best.We also provide utilities with training and mentoring to maximize their causal analysis skills.

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Our training experts are fully certified INPO instructors, most of which have held senior level SRO positions at utilities. We understand the Systematic Approach to Training better than our competitors and can even deploy it as a blended model to non-nuclear customers that do not require the level of regulation and oversight our nuclear customers do.

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The Mentor ProgramSM matches experienced mentors from our industry with current nuclear professionals. We created a structured mentoring guide, using the most successful industry standards, processes, and extensive experience of mentors, to assist leaders in their transitions to new roles. The mentoring process is conducted through a remote, secure software interface that allows mentees to be served anywhere.

Current functional areas provided by The Mentor ProgramSM include:

     · Training Manager or Director

         · Operations Training Manager

     · Performance Improvement Director

Functional areas in development and available soon include:

     · Maintenance Director

     · Operations Director

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