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Accelerant Solutions provides a wide range of consulting services, performance improvement tools, and management-level support to help utilities maximize their potential. Our services are
customized to meet the unique needs of our clients, and our goal is to help them achieve sustained excellence in leadership, operations, equipment reliability, and training. We offer innovative training programs, state-of-the-art software, and expert guidance to empower our clients to reach their full potential and maintain a competitive edge in their industry.


Servicing the Nuclear industry for nearly two decades.

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Dive into our Interactive Fundamentals Training Program, offering a seamless learning experience accessible on any device, anytime, anywhere.
The Mentor Program™
A mentorship path that combines industry standards with experienced guidance to empower leaders during role transitions.
Benefit from our Learning Content Management System, which offers up to 35% cost savings and delivers an impressive ROI within just 1.7 years
Experience our Learning Management System – a learner-centric platform that amplifies engagement, fuels motivation, and precisely measures learning progress.
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Talen Energy - Susquehanna,
Talen Energy - Susquehanna,
Operations Training Superintendent
“CORE™ is a fantastic first step in providing nuclear plants with an effective way to train generic fundamentals. The flexibility it allows and the road paved for the future is a bright one for power plant trainers and students. The Accelerant Solutions team is dedicated to their product and believes in the dream they are making for the future. This is a great combination and will surely be the industry standard for many years to come. ”
Chuck Sizemore,
Retired Corporate Training Director
“Having the ability to help develop Nuclear Professionals so that they don’t repeat some of the same mistakes that I and the industry made over my 30+ year career is extremely satisfying and critical to the Nuclear Industry moving forward. Having an individual on a Teams call say, “I never even thought about that being an issue,” or “Now you have me worried and I’m going to follow up on that today,” is very satisfying and lets me know that it was time well spent.”
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