// Learning Content Management System

PLANT™ - Streamline
Your Training Process

At Accelerant Solutions, we understand the challenges faced by utilities dealing with shrinking Training O&M budgets. To address this, we’ve created PLANT™, a state-of-the-art content authoring tool engineered to simplify the development, revision, and delivery of content for training, operations, and maintenance.

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// Efficiency Redefined

A Single Source for Your Training Content

PLANT™ serves as your dependable and versatile single-source hub, streamlining content development, revision, and delivery. Centralizing all your training materials enables effortless storage, retrieval, and revision, greatly enhancing training process efficiency.

// Optimize Your Resources

Save Time and Money with PLANT™

The primary focus of PLANT™ is to drive efficiency gains that improve student performance and simplify training material maintenance. PLANT™ delivers:

// Modernize Learning

Engage Learners with Interactive Visual Aids

PLANT™ offers a variety of engaging eLearning activities, including flashcards, multiple-choice, fill-in-the-gap, drag-and-drop, and interactive 360° environments. By keeping trainees actively engaged, we improve long-term knowledge retention and support modern learning methods.

//Instructor Empowerment

Streamline Your Training Process with PLANT™

By simplifying content development, revision, and delivery, PLANT™ empowers instructors to create lessons that amplify the student experience. PLANT™ brings (checkmarks again like the previous section…maybe we can flip this section to look visually different):


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