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Transfer knowledge and lower attrition using simple content management that works. Eliminate errors and reduce the time required to update and revise training material. Let your instructors focus on what really matters: delivering effective training to their students.

Throughout our innovative training softwares, we utilize BUILD™ to address gaps and challenges on site. BUILD™ is a seven-step process created by Accelerant Solutions to develop smarter, customized site-specific blended learning curriculum.

  • Deliver Operator Fundamentals materials through an interactive platform
  • Save money by lowering instructor time and content management overhead
  • Significantly reduce time spent in the classroom.
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  • Advanced technologies to simplify the training process.
  • A single tool which makes storing, retrieving and revising documents easier and more efficient.
  • Keep trainees engaged with interactive visual aids and a single, authoritative source for drawings and documents.
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  • Make knowledge profitable and turn it into valuable assets.
  • SOUL™'s set of tools will allow you to capture and disseminate knowledge in your organization through digital transformation and social collaboration.
  • Our training design experts are fluent using the VISION® database and understand how to use it to simplify training program construction and maintenance.
  • We also perform periodic tune-up services to ensure your training data is properly entered, linked, and configured.
  • Our VISION® experts also offer continuing training and detailed job aids to sharpen the skills of the most seasoned instructors.

“CORE™ is a fantastic first step in providing nuclear plants with an effective way to train generic fundamentals. The flexibility it allows and the road paved for the future is a bright one for power plant trainers and students. The Accelerant Solutions team is dedicated to their product and believes in the dream they are making for the future. This is a great combination and will surely be the industry standard for many years to come. ”

Operations Training Superintendent, Talen Energy - Susquehanna
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