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Accelerant Leadership

Unlocking Leadership Potential

Leadership Development is a Broad and Complex Topic. I used to think that leaders were born and not made. You either have the skillset or you do not.  I believed my mentors had an innate ability to get it right and that they had some magical power to always make the best decisions. As I …
International Business

What You Need to Know Before Conducting Business Internationally

Does your business operate internationally?  If you answered no, have you considered it?  A few years ago, Accelerant Solutions faced some ambiguity when America’s nuclear power plants partnered in a multiyear strategy, Delivering the Nuclear Promise© (DNP), to transform the industry and ensure its viability for consumers. Part of this initiative included cutting operating and …
people health committee

How People Health Committees© Improve Organizational Performance

In a time when organizations are determining how to manage talent in the current COVID-19 pandemic, this article offers a strategy and process that can guide organizations through this difficult period. Managing an organizational performance is a fundamental objective for any leader. This process provides a strategy and direction for them to follow. A few …
nuclear plant accidents

2 Major Nuclear Plant Accidents and How They Relate to Operator Training

For society to benefit from complex technology requires sound engineering. Well designed, timely and challenging nuclear plant training for those who operate and maintain the technology is just as important. History has shown that catastrophic events, such as nuclear plant accidents, often includes a human element.  Here are two well known examples where nuclear plant training …
NHRG members

NHRG (Nuclear Human Resources Group) 2019 Conference

The 2019 NHRG conference this year was hosted by Arizona Public Service Palo Verde Generating Station and took place at the Kimpton Hotel in downtown Phoenix Arizona. Planning for the NHRG event began in mid 2018 and culminated in the gathering of some 150 nuclear Human Resource professionals and high-level executives from across both the …