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Accelerant Solutions is excited about finding the right people to join our team, including Sezin, the expert nuclear industry professional in global affairs.

Introducing Sezin Uzman: Expert Nuclear Industry Professional at Accelerant Solutions

Accelerant Solutions has always taken immense pride in finding superb people to serve our client’s needs. We have always known that recruiting and retaining top talent is key to providing exemplary customer service, and having international experience is paramount to an expanding global nuclear industry. To that end, we would like to introduce one such professional, Sezin Uzman. Accelerant Solutions is proud to spotlight Sezin Uzman, our expert nuclear industry professional, whose international experience and dedication to excellence define our client service standards.

Sezin Uzman’s Path to Becoming an Expert Nuclear Industry Professional

Born and raised in Turkey, Sezin was always fascinated with science and technology. Having lived on three continents and worked in many different countries, Sezin has a unique experience and understanding of multicultural work environments.

Her professional career began in 2005 as a Nuclear Parts Specialist for Westinghouse Electric Company, providing spare part sales for SCE&G, Point Beach, Duane Arnold, Kewaunee, Prairie Island 1&2, Monticello, Davis Besse, and Perry 1&2. She quickly advanced to Marketing Engineer, and by 2009, she was promoted to Principal Project Engineer.

In 2011, Sezin accepted a position at Invensys in Foxboro Massachusetts as the Manager of Corrective Actions and Continuous Improvement. In this capacity, she established corrective action processes and procedures for the delivery of eight new nuclear power plants under construction in China. Leading a team of nuclear professionals, she was instrumental in reducing the corrective action request backlog by 30% and decreased the throughput time by half, saving considerable time and money for the company.

In 2013, she began working with the Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation in the United Arab Emirates, where she quickly rose to the position of Director of Procedures and Records Management. As a globe trotter throughout her career and personal life, Sezin found Abu Dhabi to be a cultural melting pot. It was a fitting place to be in senior management because of the large number of nationalities that work together. Her duties there included the management of all records, procedure development, and reference documentation for the Barakah nuclear power plants.

Global Expertise in Nuclear Compliance: Sezin Uzman’s Role at Accelerant

In 2021, Sezin joined Accelerant Solutions as the Director of Compliance. She serves all manners of customer needs by providing innovative solutions. She is responsible for the oversight and implementation of various projects that add value to clients in need.

Throughout her nuclear career, Sezin has been deeply involved with the Women in Nuclear Global (WiN Global). WiN Global is a worldwide non-profit organization of women working professionally in various fields of nuclear energy and radiation applications. It currently has around 35,000 members from 129 countries. The vision of the organization is aimed at positioning the future of nuclear energy and technology through the advancement of women.

In serving WiN Global, Sezin established new chapters at Invensys in 2012 and UAE in 2014. She has participated in several international conferences around the world, including in Beijing, China; Bariloche, Argentina; Varna, Bulgaria; and Sidney, Australia. Her efforts in support of WiN have been recognized as exemplary.

Serving our customers with valued products and services is what we do here at Accelerant Solutions. Our reputation depends on exceeding the expectations of our clients. This can only be accomplished through the efforts of knowledgeable, caring professionals who focus on the needs of our clients and provide them with innovative solutions for each challenge. That is what Sezin Uzman does, day in and day out. We are glad to have her on our team!


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