Energy Performance Improvement PLANT Training
Accelerant Solutions Partners with Entergy Nuclear on Interactive Training word on text in front of River Bend Station.

Accelerant Solutions Partners with Entergy Nuclear on Interactive Training

Accelerant Solutions, renowned for spearheading innovation in training and enhancing operational performance, is proud to support Entergy’s Nuclear Fleet Training’s commitment to achieving excellence and producing clean, reliable nuclear power. This collaboration marks a significant milestone as we extend our expertise beyond our traditional domain, leveraging the acclaimed PLANT™ platform to train nuclear personnel. This […]

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Person completing an online M&T Common Fundamentals Curriculum course, highlighting key training for nuclear industry roles.

Exploring the M&T Common Fundamentals Curriculum

In the dynamic landscape of nuclear power, mastering Maintenance & Technical (M&T) Fundamentals is essential. For nuclear professionals across disciplines like Maintenance Mechanical, Electrical, I&C, Radiation Protection, Chemistry and Engineering, establishing a solid knowledge foundation is critical. Traditionally, training programs are segmented, following distinct paths per discipline as guided by their respective ACAD. These guidelines […]

Energy Small Modular Reactors
An illuminated Africa on a globe at night highlighting the continent's potential for nuclear energy strategies Africa.

Nuclear Energy Strategies in Africa: Large Plants vs. SMRs

The debate on nuclear energy strategies in Africa unfolds amid growing energy demands and the urgent shift towards sustainability. Should Africa invest in large nuclear power plants, the cornerstone of traditional nuclear energy, or pivot to Small Modular Reactors (SMRs)? This analysis explores both paths, considering their benefits, challenges, and the unique African context.   Large […]

Energy Sustainability
Federal loan supports reopening of nuclear plant in Covert Township, Michigan.

Holtec’s Nuclear Plant Loan: Sparking Revival in Michigan’s Energy Landscape

In a historic achievement for the nuclear energy sector, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has announced its decision to extend a $1.52 billion nuclear plant loan to Holtec International, setting the stage for the restart of the previously decommissioned Palisades nuclear power plant in Covert Township, MI. This significant financial endorsement not only underscores […]

Energy Innovation Small Modular Reactors Technology Training Understanding Nuclear Power
Control room of advanced nuclear reactors showcasing the latest in SMR and AR nuclear advances, with high-tech monitors and data panels.

SMR and AR Advances: 2023 Nuclear Energy Update

Introduction to SMRs and ARs  Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) and Advanced Reactors (ARs) lead the transformation of the nuclear energy industry. These technologies, central to SMR and AR nuclear advances, offer sustainable and efficient energy solutions. SMRs have an output of less than 300 megawatts. ARs boast advanced safety and efficiency features. Both provide flexibility […]

Energy Innovation Small Modular Reactors Technology Training Understanding Nuclear Power
Engineers working on advanced nuclear technology components, highlighting Nuclear Growth Strategies in the industry.

Nuclear Growth Strategies: Industry’s Expansion Path

In the current landscape of clean energy discussions, a resounding theme echoes  – the urgent need for extreme growth, particularly the tripling of carbon-free electric production by 2050. We explore the formidable challenge “Nuclear Growth Strategies” to meet this goal, alongside managing the aging of existing plants on the brink of decommissioning. Securing Supply Chain […]

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Power Plant

Power Plant Fundamentals: Understanding the Basics of Electricity Generation

Do you think electricity is the cat’s pajamas? Chances are you do, especially since we’ve been experiencing a sweltering summer. Electricity is an indispensable part of our lives, but have you even sat in reflection on where it comes from? The answer is in power plants, and I’m going to give you a basic idea […]

Energy Innovation Nuclear Excellence Small Modular Reactors Sustainability Technology
Green plants and 'net zero' sign, representing SMRs role in net-zero carbon emissions

SMRs and Net-Zero Carbon Emissions: A Cost Assessment for the Future

Global efforts are focusing on achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. Small modular reactors (SMRs) might be a critical part of the solution. Today, we’re spotlighting the connection between SMRs and net-zero carbon emissions. We’ll particularly evaluate SMR’s economic viability against other carbon-free electrical sources. Why Choose SMRs and Their Role in Achieving Net-Zero Carbon […]

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Effective Methods for Handling Nuclear Wast

Effective Methods for Handling Nuclear Waste: A Multi-Faceted Approach

Spent nuclear fuel, also known as nuclear waste, presents significant challenges due to its long-lasting radioactivity. To tackle the daunting task of managing nuclear waste, we must explore and implement effective methods to handle, store, and dispose of it. In this blog post, we delve into how countries worldwide successfully address this complex issue and […]

Energy Innovation Nuclear Excellence Performance Improvement Small Modular Reactors Sustainability Technology

Micro and Small Modular Nuclear Reactors: Future Energy Solutions

Introducing our latest article, “Micro and Small Modular Nuclear Reactors: Future Energy Solutions.” Explore how micro and small modular nuclear reactors shape a sustainable energy landscape. Discover their benefits, applications, and advancements. Join us as we uncover the realistic future applications of these reactors, paving the way to a greener and more resilient future. Micro […]

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