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Boost Operator Performance: Enhance Operator Training Scores with Quiz-T-Bot®

We’re back for another installment of our Innovation journey. During the latest Utility Working Conference, Accelerant Solutions led a track dedicated to innovative ways to improving and developing the workforce, with knowledge retention and transfer being key aspects of the message. In partnership with Tecnatom, S.A., the newest development in our PLANT™ authoring tool integrates the retrieval practice, spacing, and interleaving learning methods. Looking to enhance operator training scores? Accelerant Solutions’ partnership with Tecnatom introduces Quiz-T-Bot®, integrating research-backed learning strategies to boost performance.

Innovative Strategies to Enhance Operator Training Scores

If you’re an instructor keeping up with trends in the field (pre- and post-pandemic), you’re probably familiar with these learning methods. There are numerous books and research available on learning methods and strategies for knowledge retention and transfer. In fact, the power of the retrieval practice is backed by over 100 years of research. Cognitive scientists have shared substantial evidence supporting the use of the retrieval practice through spacing and interleaving.

However, instructors need to shift a bit, and focus on getting knowledge out of the brain rather than continuously cramming it in. With this in mind, Accelerant Solutions and Tecnatom, S.A. announce the use of Quiz-T-Bot® in our PLANT™ authoring tool. Quiz-T-Bot® uses AI to methodically challenge learners with daily questioning of objective comprehension. Learners are prompted by a notification on their phones and have 24 hours to answer the questions. AI tracks individual and group performance, providing statistics to instructors on gaps that are analyzed and corrected, accordingly.

Key Methods to Enhance Operator Training Scores with Quiz-T-Bot®

Quiz-T-Bot® is a retrieval practice tool that utilizes spacing and interleaving to add to your arsenal of learning. Retrieval practice is a technique that requires learners to recall information (pulling information out) and understand what is easily recalled and what is challenging. Spacing combines retrieval practice consistently and over an extended period, while interleaving provides variety in content in combination with spacing. Research shows that the retrieval practice is much more effective in knowledge retention compared to lecturing or taking notes, and spacing enhances long-term knowledge retention further. Quiz-T-Bot® creates the opportunity for learners to practice, spacing the information out for short, daily, or weekly repetition, while mixing up the topics to increase knowledge retention.


But wait, there’s more! Since Quiz-T-Bot® provides feedback without a grade, individuals can focus on feeling more comfortable making mistakes and learning from them through the development of testing strategies and critical thinking skills. A recent pilot showed an 8% improvement in performance of an initial licensed operator class using Quiz-T-Bot® over historical averages.


Doug Henderson

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  1. Daniel A Cifonelli
    November 17, 2021

    Very informative and innovative, thank you!

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