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Power Plant Fundamentals: Understanding the Basics of Electricity Generation

Do you think electricity is the cat’s pajamas? Chances are you do, especially since we’ve been experiencing a sweltering summer. Electricity is an indispensable part of our lives, but have you even sat in reflection on where it comes from? The answer is in power plants, and I’m going to give you a basic idea […]

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Transforming Nuclear Power Education through Blended and Virtual Learning

The nuclear power industry is rapidly evolving, requiring us to adapt our approach to employee training. Accordingly, blended and virtual learning have emerged as powerful tools, enhancing training effectiveness, efficiency, and flexibility. In this blog post, we will explore how aligning the learning and development (L&D) strategy with blended and virtual learning can revolutionize nuclear […]

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Opinion on Nuclear – Pandora’s Promise documentary review

Robert Stone’s 2013 documentary film “Pandora’s Promise” argues in favor of nuclear power as a solution to climate change and reducing carbon emissions. The film features interviews with environmentalists, energy experts, and former anti-nuclear activists who have changed their position on nuclear power.  While the film has been praised by some for presenting a persuasive […]

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Virtual Instructor-Led Training: It’s Much More Than Zoom

Virtual instructor-led training, or VILT, is education facilitated by an instructor that can occur in a synchronous (live) or asynchronous (self-scheduled or reviewed) virtual format. This saves valuable time and money for the utility, the instructor, and the student. Industries use VILT to train and onboard employees and colleges offer undergraduate and graduate VILT programs. […]

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Boost Operator Performance: Enhance Operator Training Scores with Quiz-T-Bot®

We’re back for another installment of our Innovation journey. During the latest Utility Working Conference, Accelerant Solutions led a track dedicated to innovative ways to improving and developing the workforce, with knowledge retention and transfer being key aspects of the message. In partnership with Tecnatom, S.A., the newest development in our PLANT™ authoring tool integrates […]

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Accelerant Solutions Supports Nuclear Industry Clients Remotely

Accelerant Solutions has been remotely assisting its US and international clients with managing and implementing important projects to achieve operational excellence. Accelerant leverages facilitative leadership, technology, technical competence, innovation and project management expertise to deliver excellent results both on time and within budget. Accelerant is uniquely equipped to provide the breadth (in the range of […]

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The Official CORE Interactive Fundamentals Training Launch is Here!

In a published September 2019 article on CORE, we discussed the old way of conducting operator fundamentals training which included the following:  Step 1 – Prepare and revise training content for operator fundamentals. (2 weeks)  Step 2 – Class up operator fundamentals by placing students in a classroom for 10-12 weeks and dedicating 1-2 instructors full time to implementation.  Step 3 – Determine which students will […]

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How People Health Committees© Improve Organizational Performance

In a time when organizations are determining how to manage talent in the current COVID-19 pandemic, this article offers a strategy and process that can guide organizations through this difficult period. Managing organizational performance is a fundamental objective for any leader. This process provides a strategy and direction for them to follow. A few US […]

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