Innovation Understanding Nuclear Power

Adaptive Learning & AI: The Next Generation of Nuclear Training

Humans use forms of artificial intelligence (AI) every day. Chances are, you have an AI-based personal assistant within arm’s reach right now. As technology has advanced, we have explored more ways to use AI such as making tasks easier, making decisions with swift data analysis, and predicting trends for both industry and personal use. An […]

Innovation Nuclear Excellence Performance Improvement
Light bulbs with words 'training, education, skill, knowledge' illustrating concepts to enhance operator training scores.

Boost Operator Performance: Enhance Operator Training Scores with Quiz-T-Bot®

We’re back for another installment of our Innovation journey. During the latest Utility Working Conference, Accelerant Solutions led a track dedicated to innovative ways to improving and developing the workforce, with knowledge retention and transfer being key aspects of the message. In partnership with Tecnatom, S.A., the newest development in our PLANT™ authoring tool integrates […]

Comprehensive Assessments Operations Training Performance Improvement

Interactive Technical Training: Beyond PowerPoint in the Modern Classroom

Welcome to the era of Interactive Technical Training, where the days of monotonous PowerPoint lectures are a thing of the past. Discover a dynamic way to educate with our innovative platform. Technical training without PowerPoint (PPT) is here. Death by PowerPoint. We have all seen it, we have all lived it, and we all dread […]

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