Nuclear Excellence Performance Improvement Training

PLANT™ Improvements Stay Cutting Edge

PLANT TM is transforming how the commercial nuclear power industry is engaging and training students. Traditional top-down educational strategies, such as instructor-led classes that focus on rote memorization, are not effective for every student. Cognitive psychology provides supporting evidence that addressing the three domains of instructional design learning (affective, psychomotor, and cognitive) provides an optimal environment for students to gain, retain, and apply knowledge.

PLANT TM uses this method of instructional design, in conjunction with a systematic training process approach, to deliver customized content that engages both instructors and students.

With education constantly evolving, Accelerant Solutions continues to research, develop, and implement new cutting-edge training methods for our clients. For example, we have recently added new features to the PLANT TM authoring tool to include:

  • Bulk Upload Capability: Add, label, and review multiple content items with a single process. Photos, documents, etc., can now be included in the content library, or “warehouse,” with greater ease.
  • Advanced Hotspot Tagging: Videos and documents can now be tagged for important messaging and be linked to diagrams and datasheets, providing even more information at the click of a button.
  • Point Cloud Content (3D scanning output): A new content type has been added to the mix, expanding the reach of PLANTTM’s knowledge retention and transfer integration.

But wait, there is more!

Just this month, we launched the most significant release to date, the Slide Builder! This innovative addition to PLANTTM makes design and facilitation possible on ONE platform, replacing all other authoring tools. Accompanying this capability are enhanced presentation tools that combine with the simple and flexible functions of the Slide Builder to unlock instructional design harmony.

View a video demonstration of PLANTTM: HERE

Lastly, to further expand current capabilities, PLANTTM and VISIONTM software will be integrating, enabling content to be linked to objectives in the VISIONTM database. This will enhance the user experience by enabling PLANTTM to import analysis and design information from the database. Additionally, VISIONTM will be able to launch content from the PLANTTM warehouse. The integration is scheduled for release in July of 2021.

View the PLANTTM and VISIONTM integration brochure: HERE


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