Comprehensive Assessments CORE Innovation Nuclear Excellence Operations Training Performance Improvement Training

The Official CORE Interactive Fundamentals Training Launch is Here!

In a published September 2019 article on CORE, we discussed the old way of conducting operator fundamentals training which included the following:  Step 1 – Prepare and revise training content for operator fundamentals. (2 weeks)  Step 2 – Class up operator fundamentals by placing students in a classroom for 10-12 weeks and dedicating 1-2 instructors full time to implementation.  Step 3 – Determine which students will […]

Comprehensive Assessments Operations Training Performance Improvement

CORE™ Interactive Fundamentals Training – The Future for Nuclear Operator Fundamentals

For 30 plus years the commercial nuclear industry has conducted general operator fundamentals training the same way. The method of nuclear training I am referring to usually precedes Licensed Operator Systems training at commercial nuclear plants and looks something like this: Step 1: Put 1 or 2 Operations instructors on generic fundamentals, more commonly referred […]

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