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Revolutionize Nuclear Operator Training with CORE™ Interactive Fundamentals

Step #1:  Prepare and revise training content for operator fundamentals. (2 weeks) 

Step #2:  Class-up operator fundamentals by placing students in a classroom for 10 to 12 weeks and dedicating 1 to 2 instructors full-time to implementation. 

Step #3:  Determine which students will move on to the Initial License Class. 

Although the past business process has worked well, today we are faced with new initiatives in the commercial nuclear industry that require reducing costs, increasing efficiency, meeting regulatory requirements, and improving nuclear safety. In addition, the global pandemic has forced this effort rapidly forward with the immediate need to continue training and education in a virtual format. Fortunately, Accelerant Solutions, in partnership with Tecnatom, has found a way to satisfy these areas of need through the implementation of innovation and software. 

Imagine, for a moment, the necessity to place students in a physical classroom to conduct operator fundamentals training is no longer relevant. Instead, students can interact independently in a virtual, blended learning environment to complete this course. Now further envision that the training course has the capability to test students, track performance, assess areas needing improvement, provide feedback to instructors and students and give pass-or-fail analytics.

How much time would this save your instructional staff? Would your instructional staff deliver better licensed re-qualification or initial license training? What if this type of training resulted in a budget savings of 30% or more?

Introducing CORE™ Interactive Fundamentals Training for the Nuclear Industry

BREAKING NEWS: CORE Interactive is available now!

A little history… 

Accelerant Solutions opted to create a substitute to the current way Operator Fundamentals Training is conducted, and we named it CORE: Interactive Fundamentals Training. This innovative and modernized solution engages students using advanced technology. 

Advantages of CORE™ Interactive Fundamentals Training in Nuclear Operations

Some of the benefits you will see in CORE include: 

Benefit #1: Reduced Training Time. You can conduct operator generic fundamentals as a self-paced, self-taught program and reduce the time it takes an operator to complete fundamentals training. Instructor time is also significantly reduced. Instructors will monitor student progress, provide remediation when needed and administer exams. 

Benefit #2: Cost Savings. Our pre-recorded CORE webinar provides details on how this is accomplished. View the webinar HERE

Benefit #3: Easy Accessibility. The CORE Interactive Fundamentals Training is hosted on a cloud-based platform accessible from any location or device. Students can not only complete courses, but also review course content whenever desired. Accelerant Solutions’ cloud-based platform includes course and individual analytics to monitor student performance and built-in learning paths to monitor student progress. 

Benefit #4: Flexibility and Availability. The student is provided access to the CORE material for a period of 18 months. This provides flexibility to schedule your class based on your needs, rather than trying to “time” your licenses correctly and risking expiration of licenses. 

Benefit #5: It Is Not Just for Operators! Many other disciplines at a nuclear plant require knowledge and understanding of fundamentals as a basis for the job. Any student can be enrolled in a single category, (i.e., Components for an I&C Technician) or all categories. Pricing is available on a per-category basis. 

Benefit #6: Updated Review. The course content includes review questions and is constantly being maintained and updated. Therefore, instructors do not need to spend weeks preparing the course for the next class. 

Benefit #7: Increased Customer Satisfaction. Operators have the opportunity to learn more through this effective and efficient process, leading to improved performance and added customer (student) satisfaction.

Learn more about CORE: HERE

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