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Technician using AR for advanced nuclear reactor training, highlighting the NuScale SMR Training Collaboration's technological edge

NuScale SMR Training: A Collaboration with Accelerant Solutions

A Groundbreaking Visit Sparks Collaboration In December of 2019, marking the start of the NuScale SMR training collaboration, Accelerant Solutions leaders, Projects Director Jason Smith and President/CEO Billy Mack, visited NuScale’s headquarters in Corvallis, Oregon. There, they met with company leaders to explore training collaboration opportunities.  Touring NuScale’s Innovative SMR Simulator During the visit, integral […]

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Coronavirus: Changing The Way We Train

New Challenges The world today is facing unprecedented challenges in response to the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus pandemic (declared by the World Health Organization on 3/11/20). As a result, many companies are being pressed to find new ways to work remotely and help in their own way to contain the virus. Some of these efforts include setting […]

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5 Concrete Tips For Choosing the Best Nuclear Power Plant Vendor

Selecting the best nuclear power plant vendor isn’t easy.  Let’s face it, there are a lot of third-party companies out there you could potentially do business with and no shortage of horror stories to go around. Examples are endless where jobs don’t get finished on time or worse yet with poor craftsmanship and three times […]

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CORE™ Interactive Fundamentals Training – The Future for Nuclear Operator Fundamentals

For 30 plus years the commercial nuclear industry has conducted general operator fundamentals training the same way. The method of nuclear training I am referring to usually precedes Licensed Operator Systems training at commercial nuclear plants and looks something like this: Step 1: Put 1 or 2 Operations instructors on generic fundamentals, more commonly referred […]

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American Nuclear Society Utility Working Conference and Vendor Technology Expo 2019

This month a majority of the Accelerant Solutions Management team headed to Jacksonville Florida to attend the American Nuclear Society Utility Working Conference at the Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort from August 4-7. The Utility Working Conference live event was put on by the American Nuclear Society (ANS) and was nothing short of spectacular. With […]

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3 Major Steps for Building a Culture of Excellence in Your Organization

Building a culture of excellence within an organization starts with introspection and a strategic approach. Identifying pain points and understanding the impact of organizational actions is essential for long-term success. Causal Analysis: The Foundation for Building a Culture of Excellence Step 1 – Identify Your Biggest Pain Points Using Causal Analysis By performing an Apparent […]

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