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Coronavirus: Changing The Way We Train

New Challenges

The world today is facing unprecedented challenges in response to the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus pandemic (declared by the World Health Organization on 3/11/20). As a result, many companies are being pressed to find new ways to work remotely and help in their own way to contain the virus.

Some of these efforts include setting up committees to plan for the contingencies that may arise from the impact of the virus, all the way down to requesting designated staff to work from home in an effort to minimize the spread of the disease.

“We quickly saw a level of urgency in terms of support occurring internally with many of our clients, and recognized there was a simple way to help them,” said Billy Mack, President of Accelerant Solutions. “Therefore, we engaged our partners at Tecnatom USA to ramp up efforts to help deploy advanced technical learning at a distance inside our SOULTM (Smart Open Universe of Learning) platform.”

With headquarters centered in Madrid, Spain, Tecnatom is at the heart of the COVID-19 outbreak now taking place in Europe. Therefore, Tecnatom is committed to delivering an outstanding service both at home and abroad as they serve Accelerant’s existing customers.

In Spain, Tecnatom operates eight training centers serving eight nuclear power plants that make up the Spanish fleet. Face-to-face classes were suspended per government direction to combat the COVID-19 virus. Thanks to SOULTM, Tecnatom instructors are delivering classes remotely to students, some at stations, others at home. As a result, this is helping to avoid the negative impacts in initial and continuous training programs.

“At Tecnatom we are striving to improve the lives of our clients and partners so working remotely in this challenging time becomes more of a reality.” stated Jose Delgado, Operations and Training Services Director at Tecnatom.

With new upgrades to the SOULTM platform and advanced distance learning features at the ready, Tecnatom is eager to help.

Our Clients

For our clients we want to reassure everyone personally that Accelerant is committed to delivering an outstanding set of products and services. Because of the situation we are all experiencing we are committed to doing it with everyone’s safety in mind. We are excited about bringing you the remote learning options that the current environment demands.

If you have any questions regarding how current global challenges impact existing or upcoming work, please reach out to us by email at

We are working hard to ensure existing projects remain on track and future ones occur as scheduled to ensure development and deployment of remote learning.

Our Staff

As consultants and experts in performance improvement, human beings are the core of our business. Hence, our core business does not involve software, processes, or finances. Most importantly, the heart of Accelerant is the quality of life we continue to improve upon in both the lives of our consultants, clients, and our employees. And the communication and action taken by the team reflects this philosophy.

“The most important thing to us is our quality of life. Let’s find ways to improve it every day,” said Billy Mack on a team conference call.

“The solutions we have already developed with Tecnatom have a broad range of application in their approach to defeating the virus,” stated Mike Cadden, COO of Accelerant Solutions. “We’re eager to support all of the new challenges facing the world with this fight underway.”

Internally we continue to strive for safety at home and in our offices. Furthermore, safety moments are conducted during meetings and other communications to remind one another of the importance of keeping a safe social distance and maintaining personal hygiene (washing hands thoroughly and often).

Accelerant Solutions Today

Accelerant has been in business since 2003 and has grown in many ways since that year. For example, we offer a broad array of innovative solutions and services to tackle the toughest challenges: cost cutting, pandemics, knowledge retention, and more. Above all, with smart AI, online forums, data and analytics, and content authoring done your way, we’re ready to face these challenges with you.

Dedicated to Our Readers

We follow closely the recommendations made by government authorities wherever we operate. As a result, we continue to stay apprised of events as they impact us all.

Please take a moment every morning to reflect on each day and how you can serve those around you in keeping everyone safe. Additionally, we’d like to thank our readers, the hospital staff, and state and federal officials fighting this battle every day for us as we move forward ultimately through the COVID-19 pandemic together.

Be safe.


Jason Smith

Jason Smith is the Compliance Project of Accelerant Solutions and also co manager of the Nuclear Human Resources Group (NHRG). More importantly, Jason possesses a passion for people and a desire for delivering innovation through technology that is central to the company’s reputation for high quality services and products for the nuclear power industry.



Jason Smith

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