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Technician using AR for advanced nuclear reactor training, highlighting the NuScale SMR Training Collaboration's technological edge

NuScale SMR Training: A Collaboration with Accelerant Solutions

A Groundbreaking Visit Sparks Collaboration

In December of 2019, marking the start of the NuScale SMR training collaboration, Accelerant Solutions leaders, Projects Director Jason Smith and President/CEO Billy Mack, visited NuScale’s headquarters in Corvallis, Oregon. There, they met with company leaders to explore training collaboration opportunities. 

Touring NuScale’s Innovative SMR Simulator

During the visit, integral to the NuScale SMR training collaboration, NuScale’s directors showcased their Small Modular Reactor (SMR) simulator. This experience fostered relationships and led to an agreement: piloting a NuScale lesson plan using Accelerant and Tecnatom’s innovative software, PLANT™.

Reconnecting and Moving Forward

Jason Smith reminisced about his visit as “déjà vu,” encountering former colleagues from his time in the commercial nuclear power industry. 

Launching the NuScale Training Pilot

Starting mid-June this year, Accelerant Solutions’ Innovation Director, Doug Henderson, spearheads the NuScale training pilot. A team of senior directors quickly assembled, briefed, and deployed to gather necessary information for developing the lesson plan pilot. 

Innovative and Cost-Cutting Endeavors

Doug Henderson described the project as “…exciting, cost-cutting, innovative, and the first of its kind.” 

He expressed honor and enthusiasm for working on a project that may train operators on future NuScale SMR nuclear power plants.

Pilot Timeline and Goals

The joint NuScale-Accelerant Solutions training pilot is set for a four-week completion, aiming to conclude by early August 2020. NuScale plans to use the training module to introduce SMR training material to internal stakeholders and future plant owners. 

Anticipating the Final Product

“NuScale is excited to see the final pilot in action. We believe the final product will be a strong representation of what we want the future of nuclear power training to be for the small modular reactor community,” stated Pat Leary, a NuScale senior reactor operator training supervisor. 

PLANT™ offers a unique training method for NuScale’s SMR technology, ideal for distance learning and accommodating various learning styles. This groundwork could pave the way for a comprehensive future SMR training programs across the nuclear industry. 

A Project Fueled by Anticipation and Excitement

All parties involved, including Accelerant Solutions, Tecnatom, and NuScale, share excitement as the project progresses, marking a significant step in nuclear training innovation. 


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