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Our friends and clients know that Accelerant Solutions drives to develop practical, cost-effective approaches to help ensure safe, reliable, and compliant operations throughout the world. We pride ourselves in being a performance improvement company.

For years our tagline was: Compliance, Performance, and Training. Due to on-going challenges in many industries and the world being in the 4th industrial revolution, we have added a concept to drive our business – Innovation.

This renewed focus on innovation, compliance, and training, will enable us to continue to be a premier performance improvement company. Our newly designed website supports our new company focus.


PLANT training software

Automation of menial tasks reduces cost, eliminates errors, and empowers your people since they will be engaged in work that truly adds value.

Technologies such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and cloud-computing assist and enhance the human experience. Innovation is not a new concept at Accelerant Solutions.

We have been working for years to find and create technology platforms & services to maximize efficiency. Our goal is to transform your organizational knowledge into valuable assets. We already offer solutions together with our partners at Tecnatom USA and FOCUS Learning Corp.

Visit our Innovation page at to learn more about our about these cost saving solutions.


NRC INPO regulatory support

Clarity in what needs to be done increases efficiency, reduces risk, and eliminates anxiety in your organization. 

Compliance means effective implementation and sustainment of guidelines. We understand that you likely live with shrinking budgets, Accelerant Solutions offers real life experience and leadership to affordably comply with regulatory standards, requirements, and procedures.

Through our suite of services we offer assistance with international & US regulatory compliance and recovery, large-scale improvement projects, and procedure upgrade projects.

Visit our Compliance page at to learn more about our compliance-based assistance.


Nuclear Power Training

Your people are your greatest company asset. Developing your people not only improves performance of your company but it improves your lives.

Accelerant Solutions provides a unique blend of experts and technology to deliver complete training lifecycle support from analysis to delivery.

Our team can deliver turn-key implementation of operations, maintenance, engineering, and technical training programs. Our knowledge management and training related services include initial accreditation and renewal, training program redesign, optimization, and implementation.

Visit our Training page to talk to us about improving your organizational management of knowledge.

Innovation + Compliance + Training = Performance

nuclear power excellence

We look forward to using our reinvented company focus on innovation, compliance, and training to improve the performance of your organization by delivering practical, cost-effective approaches to help ensure safe, reliable, and compliant operations.

Visit our other articles to leave your thoughts so we can all continue to collaborate. Together we can save cost, increase quality, and improve our lives.

About The Author

Billy Mack

William (Billy) Mack: President and CEO of Accelerant Solutions, the new management organization of the Nuclear Human Resources Group (NHRG), possesses a passion for people and a desire for innovation through technology that is central to the company’s reputation for high quality services and products to the nuclear power industry.

Billy believes that promoting teamwork and developing individuals is the key to an organization’s long-term success. He knows that individually engaging people with purpose is critical to realizing a successful team-based environment. Billy understands that technology is a key piece to improve individual success and team collaboration if the basic elements for human and team interaction are preserved.

Billy has been successful at managing fleet level improvement efforts that have included improving organizational effectiveness, increasing equipment reliability, and streamlining work processes. He also has developed and executed multiple successful short-term and long-range business plans responsible for focusing people, money, and time to ultimately make life better for company employees and their families. Billy has been successful at bringing together key industry players to innovate new service and software-based solutions to old or recurring industry problems.

Billy’s technical training and experience in Computer Engineering at Clemson University, Nuclear Engineering at Thomas Edison State College, and Senior Reactor Operator Certification at Duke Energy have all been instrumental in establishing his guiding philosophies of how science and technology can be used for human advancement.



Billy Mack

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