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Small Modular Reactors

Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) – 4 Key Benefits for Nuclear Energy

Small modular reactors (SMRs) are a flexible and cost-effective alternative to traditional nuclear power plants. In this post, we will detail the benefits that SMRs, including enhanced safety features, increased efficiency, greater flexibility, and improved sustainability. 1. Small Modular Reactors Offer Enhanced Safety Features SMRs offer enhanced safety features compared to traditional nuclear power plants. […]

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Opinion on Nuclear – Pandora’s Promise documentary review

Robert Stone’s 2013 documentary film “Pandora’s Promise” argues in favor of nuclear power as a solution to climate change and reducing carbon emissions. The film features interviews with environmentalists, energy experts, and former anti-nuclear activists who have changed their position on nuclear power.  While the film has been praised by some for presenting a persuasive […]

Small Modular Reactors Understanding Nuclear Power

The Exciting, Yet Uncertain Outlook for SMRs and Advanced Nuclear in 2023

As we enter 2023, the outlook for SMRs (small modular reactors) and advanced nuclear reactors is both exciting and uncertain. While these technologies hold great potential for providing clean, reliable energy, there are still many challenges that need to be overcome before they can be widely deployed.  Costs:  One of the main challenges facing SMRs […]

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Understanding Nuclear Power: Clearing Misconceptions for Net Zero 2050

The Current Situation  The commercial nuclear power industry has one major problem – the lack of understanding by non-nuclear educated individuals. In our quest to understand nuclear power, it’s crucial to look beyond headlines and dive into the facts. There is no doubt that the commercial nuclear power industry perception took a negative hit after […]

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Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) – What the future will look like?

Imagine a future where; the majority of our power consumed worldwide has been generated with almost no carbon footprint, the oceans are used to solve water shortages, remote villages and towns around the globe have access to a safe, reliable steady-state electrical power, or a carbon-free portable power source that can be placed anywhere a […]

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The Nuclear Power Expansion: Going Global

What do you do when an industry is faced with a lower-cost alternative, unfavorable government policy, and increased competition due to plant closures?  You look to other emerging markets that are embracing the technology that you support.  In our case, we decided to be a part of the nuclear renaissance and expansion that is happening […]


Excellence in Remote Nuclear Project Management by Accelerant Solutions

At Accelerant Solutions, we specialize in remote nuclear project management, offering top-tier assistance to our U.S. and international clients. Through leadership, technology, and innovation, we achieve operational excellence in every project. Leading the Way in Remote Nuclear Project Management Accelerant is uniquely equipped to provide the breadth (vast technical expertise and competencies) and depth (extensive […]

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What You Need to Know Before Conducting Business Internationally

Does your business operate internationally?  If you answered no, have you considered it?  A few years ago, Accelerant Solutions faced some ambiguity when America’s nuclear power plants partnered in a multiyear strategy, Delivering the Nuclear Promise© (DNP), to transform the industry and ensure its viability for consumers. Part of this initiative included cutting operating and […]

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Excelling in Remote Nuclear Project Support

Accelerant is uniquely equipped to provide the breadth (in the range of technical experts and competencies) and depth (in the extensive experience of the project management team and consultants) required to meet the unique needs of providing remote assistance to the worldwide nuclear power community. What allows Accelerant Solutions to excel at providing remote nuclear […]

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