Excellence in Remote Nuclear Project Management by Accelerant Solutions

At Accelerant Solutions, we specialize in remote nuclear project management, offering top-tier assistance to our U.S. and international clients. Through leadership, technology, and innovation, we achieve operational excellence in every project.

Leading the Way in Remote Nuclear Project Management

Accelerant is uniquely equipped to provide the breadth (vast technical expertise and competencies) and depth (extensive experience of the project management team and consultants) required to meet the unique needs of providing remote assistance to our clients worldwide. 

Streamlining Processes with Remote Nuclear Project Management Expertise

What allows Accelerant to excel at providing remote support? 

  1. We use a world-class, file-sharing cloud service (Egnyte). Egnyte’s hybrid on-site/cloud service ensures compliance, threat mitigation, software integrations, business continuity, and other essential content necessities.
  2. We have developed our own cutting-edge technologies to support collaboration and innovation.  We also use state-of-the-art web-based tools for project management and coordination.
  3. We have procedures and processes that support remote project execution. These enable us to provide governance, oversight, and support of the work being performed.
  4. We have completed major technical documentation projects for our international clients with zero security incidents or concerns.

Here are some ways we have provided remote support to our clients:

Procedural & Technical Documentation Support

Accelerant is an industry leader in developing high-quality technical documents at a competitive price. 

Our project managers and procedure writers are technical experts in their chosen disciplines (operations, maintenance, engineering, etc.) and are experienced in all phases of technical document design and development. 

When large numbers of documents must be created, such as new plant construction documents, Accelerant utilizes a Virtual Procedure Production Facility (VPPF) concept. The VPPF brings together project supervision, technical experts, and writers in a single location using Accelerant’s proven development process, which includes state-of-the-art development oversight and technical and quality reviews. 

A VPPF is the most cost-effective option to develop large numbers of new technical documents. It enables optimal network security, cybersecurity practices, and confirmed adherence to Export Control Information (ECI) requirements. 

To ensure project continuity and quality, Accelerant deploys a project manager to liaise between the Accelerant VPPF and the client’s subject matter experts. Accelerant also provides its own subject matter experts to assist the client in transitioning its on-site operations to a fully virtual, remote environment. In addition, Accelerant routinely supplies high-quality experts to augment and mentor client staff. 

Training, Administration, and Support

Accelerant has been providing remote support to training organizations for more than fifteen years. 

Training is a core business for Accelerant. The Accelerant team is proficient at using all phases of the Systematic Approach to Training (SAT) process to design and implement performance-based training programs. 

On average, our training experts possess more than twenty years of experience designing and implementing training programs. Many of our consultants hold master’s degrees in advanced technical instruction and instructional design certifications through the International Board of Standards for Training, Performance, and Instruction.

We have also successfully implemented full-scale training programs in Spain with our partner, Tecnatom. Advanced technologies are currently being used to deliver and monitor high-end and effective training solutions.

Conclusion:  As these examples demonstrate, Accelerant has the proven knowledge, skills, and experience to provide remote services and support worldwide. We look forward to discussing how we can partner with you to ensure safe, reliable, and innovative operations utilizing remote support and technologies. For further information, please visit our home page or request an appointment by visiting our contact page.



Mike Cadden

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