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Opinion on Nuclear – Pandora’s Promise documentary review

Robert Stone’s 2013 documentary film “Pandora’s Promise” argues in favor of nuclear power as a solution to climate change and reducing carbon emissions. The film features interviews with environmentalists, energy experts, and former anti-nuclear activists who have changed their position on nuclear power.  While the film has been praised by some for presenting a persuasive […]

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Virtual Instructor-Led Training: It’s Much More Than Zoom

Virtual instructor-led training, or VILT, is education facilitated by an instructor that can occur in a synchronous (live) or asynchronous (self-scheduled or reviewed) virtual format. This saves valuable time and money for the utility, the instructor, and the student. Industries use VILT to train and onboard employees and colleges offer undergraduate and graduate VILT programs. […]

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American Nuclear Society Utility Working Conference and Vendor Technology Expo 2019

This month a majority of the Accelerant Solutions Management team headed to Jacksonville Florida to attend the American Nuclear Society Utility Working Conference at the Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort from August 4-7. The Utility Working Conference live event was put on by the American Nuclear Society (ANS) and was nothing short of spectacular. With […]

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4 Nuclear Training Truths to Live By

Safe, efficient nuclear plant operation is dependent upon rigorous design, excellent material condition, and first class nuclear training. However, ultimate responsibility for operational excellence rests with the skilled and alert people who we trust to operate and maintain our plants. Those of us trained in the nuclear Navy can relate to Admiral Rickover’s observation that: […]

Comprehensive Assessments Operations Training Performance Improvement
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Enhancing Nuclear Training Assessments for Effective Outcomes

In the ever-evolving field of nuclear energy, effective nuclear training assessments are pivotal. At Accelerant Solutions, we’re pioneering advancements in the self-evaluation reports (ASER), focusing on evidence-based formats to illustrate compliance with training objectives and criteria. Over the past several years, Accelerant has engaged with several station to assist in development of the accreditation self-evaluation […]

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Achieving Excellence in Nuclear Training: 4 Key Elements

In the pursuit of excellence in nuclear training, it’s essential to identify the core elements that elevate a training organization from good to great. With a rich background in nuclear power and adult education, I’ve distilled these elements based on industry best practices What are some of the elements that make a training organization great? […]

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