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Person completing an online M&T Common Fundamentals Curriculum course, highlighting key training for nuclear industry roles.

Exploring the M&T Common Fundamentals Curriculum

In the dynamic landscape of nuclear power, mastering Maintenance & Technical (M&T) Fundamentals is essential. For nuclear professionals across disciplines like Maintenance Mechanical, Electrical, I&C, Radiation Protection, Chemistry and Engineering, establishing a solid knowledge foundation is critical. Traditionally, training programs are segmented, following distinct paths per discipline as guided by their respective ACAD. These guidelines […]

Innovation NEXA™ Nuclear Excellence Training
Graphic titled '9 Key Benefits of On-Demand Nuclear Training' featuring a person using a laptop with a virtual overlay, symbolizing online nuclear training accessibility.

9 Key Benefits of On-Demand Nuclear Training

The Nuclear Excellence Academy (NEXA™) stands at the forefront of educational innovation with its on-demand training, tailored specifically for operators, technicians, and engineers in the nuclear field. In an era where rapid change and a high demand for skilled professionals are the norms, NEXA™’s flexible training programs break free from the constraints of traditional schedules, […]

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Control room training session for Nuclear Workforce Development Strategies

Advancing the Nuclear Workforce: Key Development Strategies

In today’s nuclear energy industry, where precision and safety reign supreme, adopting effective nuclear workforce development strategies is crucial. Our journey towards a skilled workforce hinges on a strategic approach to testing and training. As the industry continues to evolve, so must the methods by which we evaluate and develop the skills of nuclear professionals. […]

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