Watch, Discover, and Learn

Accelerant Solutions hosts, attends, and delivers a variety of events and webinars to help our clients achieve operational excellence.

The Future of Learning with SOUL (31 mins)

Discover how SOUL's knowledge management solution helps transfer of knowledge through digital transformation, social collaboration, and interactive tools such as plant drawings, navigable 3D images, and even virtual reality.

Plant: Computerized Procedures & Plant Training Solutions (43 mins)

Doug Henderson, Innovation Director and Jessika Hernandez, Innovation Specialist walks you through Plant use cases and the benefits of implementing a single, authoritative source for content.

CORE Interactive Fundamentals Training (30 mins)

On demand, web-based training allows students to complete training at a faster pace, and outside of normal training business hours. In this webinar, you'll learn how implementing CORE eliminates unnecessary expenses while delivering exceptional fundamental training.