NuScale’s Small Modular Reactor (SMR) Training Program Piloting Accelerant Solutions Innovative Software

nuscale small modular reactor
Nuscale’s Small Modular Reactors

In December of 2019, Accelerant Solutions leadership (Projects Director Jason Smith and President/CEO Billy Mack) visited NuScale headquarters in Corvallis, Oregon and met with company leaders to discuss potential opportunities for collaborating on training initiatives. 

During the site visit, company directors conducted a full tour of NuScale’s Small Modular Reactor (SMR) simulator and formed relationships in the process, ultimately culminating in an agreement to pilot a NuScale lesson plan using Accelerant and Tecnatom’s innovative software: PLANT™.  

Compliance Projects Director Jason Smith described the visit as “déjà vu,” after bumping into coworkers and friends from ten years ago who worked with him in the commercial nuclear power industry. 

The NuScale training pilot kickoff started in mid-June of this year and is currently being led by Accelerant Solution’s highly capable Innovation Director, Doug Henderson. Immediately following the announcement of the work, senior directors assembled, briefed, and deployed a project team to collect the required information to support lesson plan pilot development. 

Doug Henderson described the project as “…exciting, cost-cutting, innovative, and the first of its kind.” 

“I am honored and enthusiastic we get to work on a project that will potentially be used to train operators on the future of Nuscale’s SMR nuclear power plants,” he said. 

The joint NuScale Accelerant Solutions training pilot is scheduled to take four weeks to complete and will likely reach its final milestone the first week of August, 2020. 

Once completed, NuScale will use the pilot training module to showcase the SMR training material to internal stakeholders and future plant owners. 

“NuScale is excited to see the final pilot in action. We believe the final product will be a strong representation of what we want the future of nuclear power training to be for the small modular reactor community,” stated Pat Leary, a NuScale senior reactor operator training supervisor. 

The innovative PLANT™ platform offers a novel approach to conducting training on NuScale SMR technology. It is uniquely suited to distance learning and can accommodate a variety of learning styles. The groundwork laid for this pilot project could provide an avenue for building a robust future SMR training program across the nuclear industry both domestically and internationally. 

On both sides of the aisle, Accelerant Solutions, Tecnatom, and NuScale senior personnel express both anticipation and excitement as the project gets underway. 

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