ABOUT Accelerant Solutions

We ​partner with our clients to achieve sustained excellence

Turn-key implementation of operations, maintenance, engineering, and technical training programs.

Executive Team

We engage industry-recognized, highly motivated and uniquely qualified project managers and experts to design and implement our performance improvement tools. Each expert possesses practical industry experience and in many cases advanced certifications such as PWR and BWR SRO licenses or certifications or engineering licenses. Many have served as senior utility leaders and regulatory oversight positions including the NRC, INPO, and NERC.


Accelerant Solutions was founded in 2004 as a training consulting company. We have since continuously expanded our product offerings and customer base. Today, we maintain working partnerships with 24 of the 28 American utilities that operate nuclear power plants. In 2015, through the US Department of Energy, Accelerant Solutions received international recognition for our innovative tools and products which promote safe and reliable nuclear power operations throughout the world.

Today, we provide a wide variety of consulting services, performance improvement tools and management level support to help companies maximize their performance.


Regulation, technology, and demand from the market continues to change at an unprecedented rate. Companies find themselves challenged to “keep up” with the latest best practices. Accelerant Solutions provides its customers with innovative and practical tools to continuously advance performance. We are committed to providing practical tools and solutions that cost less than the actual problem.

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Our Commitment

We have the competence to only make commitments we know how to keep and the character to keep them. We never bend the truth, and always describe situations as they really are... not how we hope them to be.  Our clients have every reason to expect the highest level of professionalism, quality and competence.